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Faith Missions International 70 Palms Project

Helping to Rebuild Haiti

As a Board Member of AGC of America Charities, Art Daniel became aware of dedicated funds for Haitian earthquake relief and teamed the AGCA Chariities with Faith Missions International's 70 Palms Project. FMI operates the Hope Village orphanage in Haiti that has developed the bakery to serve the orphanage into a commercial bakery. The bakery offers teenage residents of the orphanage an opportunity to develop job skills. As these teenagers mature and age out of the orphanage they can remain as employees of the bakery but need housing. 70 Palms was developed to meet that housing need. In November 2013 AR Daniel Construction Services, Inc. sponsored three representatives to travel to Haiti to work with a FMI team to construct the AGCA Charities cottage at 70 Palms.